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Jay’s last documentary project WE CAUSE SCENES premiered at 2013 SXSW. His previous short doc SHOKUNIN premiered at the 2012 DOC NYC Film Festival. He was also one of several composers of EGG THE ARTS SHOW, a Peabody Award winner and Emmy nominee. He is currently working on the feature doc LAND GRAB, directed by Sean O’Grady (IN A WORLD) with composer Ryan Miller of Guster.


Shokunin is a short documentary film that explores the fading art of traditional Japanese knife-sharpening through the work of Master Chiharu Sugai.
An evocative score, gripping imagery and vivid sound are woven together to showcase Sugai San's daily routine in his New York City workshop and the forces that threaten the future of his craft.
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Land Grab

LAND GRAB is the story of John Hantz, a banker and longtime Detroit resident who attempts to create an urban farm on the East Side of Detroit. Coming soon!

EGG: Laura Linney

Actress Laura Linney discusses her inspiration. From the Emmy-nominated and Peabody award-winning doc series EGG THE ARTS SHOW

We Cause Scenes

Since their humble beginnings in New York City in 2001, Improv Everywhere has grown from a small gang of restless jokesters into an internationally recognized prank collective and a viral video-making machine. From the No Pants Subway Ride to Frozen Grand Central to the MP3 Experiment and beyond, their publicly staged scenes of chaos and joy are beloved by the hundreds who witness them, the thousands who participate in them, and the millions who watch and share the videos online. We Cause Scenes: The Rise of Improv Everywhere is the inside story of this groundbreaking group and its founder, Charlie Todd, who has turned the world into a stage, inventing an art form for the Internet age.

Music Supervisor & Additional Music

WCS can now be seen
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Growing My Brave

Growing My Brave is a journey inside the alternative therapy of Transformational Bodywork and the people whose lives will be forever changed. This is a story of falling down and getting up, of rare human intimacy, and healing at the edge of body and soul. It’s a look at the often mysterious world of real healing through alternative means.

video coming soon

Montauk Rocks

MONTAUK ROCKS is a feature documentary on “surfcasting,” a unique and dangerous type of fishing done on the rocky Montauk shoreline. It can be purchased on amazon.com

EGG - Neil de Grasse Tyson

Neil de Grasse Tyson shows us around the Rose Center for Earth and Space in NY.

EGG - Liev Schreiber

Actor Liev Schreiber talks about his role in Shakespeare’s OTHELLO.

EGG - David Parsons

Dancer and choreographer David Parsons discusses his influences and inspirations.
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